06.09.18 twilight

Uncle Frank and twilight in my Brooklyn house.

He was 25 years old and just out of a federal penitentiary when this photo was taken.

06.04.18 birthday

Stevie Ann birthday celebration! (Bushwick)

06.02.18 crew

Did you ever wonder how construction materials for a brownstone get to the backyard? That would be through the upstairs parlor windows, of course.

Undergrad crew helping build a fence. Much to their dismay.

05.31.18 pilgrimage

05.25.18 blooming

Back in NY in time to see my peonies bloom!

04.23.18 space

04.08.18 best

Best man Byron at a Cambridge wedding!

Huge congratulations to Andrew, Jasmin, and their new combined family!

03.31.18 cautionary

New! Limited edition chapbook featuring stories by Bee Lavender and illustrations by Gabriel Liston. For sale in select independent stores and via Microcosm. Click here to buy now.

Not suitable for actual children.

03.24.18 cold

Jeremy Bentham looks so cold and sad out of his cabinet! JB Auto-icon on display at the Met Breur / NYC.

02.17.18 celebration

Belated holiday celebrations with the undergrad crew.