Month: June 2018

06.30.18 spell

It is a plant, and a color, and a crayon… yet somehow people still can’t spell Lavender.

06.29.18 benefit

Cameron aka Glasser bidding on a Joey Arias performance, 8 Ball benefit gala.

06.28.18 opening

Al has a new show up in Brooklyn! The opening was definitely grand, not least because we had the chance to catch up with folks like Katie, who we haven’t talked to since… Olympia circa 1994?!

06.09.18 twilight

Uncle Frank and twilight in my Brooklyn house.

He was 25 years old and just out of a federal penitentiary when this photo was taken.

06.04.18 birthday

Stevie Ann birthday celebration! (Bushwick)

06.02.18 crew

Did you ever wonder how construction materials for a brownstone get to the backyard? That would be through the upstairs parlor windows, of course.

Undergrad crew helping build a fence. Much to their dismay.