Month: May 2004

05.30.04 fathom

I’ve been to England for the first time. Cambridge was brilliant.

However: my friends weren’t joking when they warned me that most houses have carpeting everywhere. Even in the kitchen and bathroom.


Home now for a brief respite before heading off to Chicago. We might have found a place to live but we won’t be sure until we have a signed lease in hand.

Now I need to find someone to rent this place and sell the cars (aside from finishing the visa process and etc.).


5.4.04 salt

Sunday morning we had arranged to visit Stella and Al and when we arrived we were surprised to learn that it was their twelfth anniversary. We were honored to spend the day with them, eating a picnic feast of salmon and champagne on the beach where they were married.

I held up my skirt and waded out in the salt water of the Sound, with tiny crabs and jellyfish all around. Later we stretched out in the shade under an alder tree and talked.

Stella told us about the flowers people donated to decorate the cabin, about the friends who brought food and cake and gifts.

The day was perfect – lovely in every possible way.