Month: October 2018

10.30.18 hat

Waiting for my purchase to be boxed up at Lock & Co. Hatters.

10.15.18 amenities

Helpful hotel amenities guide.

10.05.18 beverages

Intriguing! But instead of spiritual illumination, it actually translates as¬† “variations on bottled tea and juice.”


10.01.18 tumble

Campus Family Weekend has arrived once again! We rented a minivan and filled it with Sonja (one of the youngsters who lived in our house during the college field work term, who has a freshman sister to visit), and Sara and Allan, friends from Portland by way of London. They, miraculously, have a freshman daughter living in the dorm room across from our senior son.

It is my lifelong assigned job to entertain the driver with stories, which are of course entertaining, albeit sometimes problematic. Car rides, especially long tours down country roads, tend to bring out my more macabre¬†reminiscences. All of these people have known me for years, but I doubt they are ready for the words that will tumble out of my mouth. I’m never talkative at dinner parties, but put me in a rattling metal death pod and gosh, do I have a lot to say.

Road trip – buckle up!