Month: July 2015

07.30.15 eggs


07.30.15 specs


My youngest child wearing my spectacles.

07.23.15 birthday


With my eldest child, July 1990. Happy 25th birthday wishes to the girl!


Photo by James Luckett.

07.16.15 friends



At the Bronx Museum AIM Biennial to congratulate Margaret on her new body of work.

KTS  (elsewhere known as Karl Steel) and I have been friends, or scathing enemies, or whatever, since 1988 – how remarkable.

[From the archives, something I wrote when Karl was the only friend from the old days who knew about my adventures in capitalism. Which he found approximately as disturbing as my adventures in government service, but less upsetting than my tenure as a teenage Army bride: Sabbatical ]

07.14.15 privacy



Building a privacy fence.

07.12.15 cabbage


07.11.15 danger


The upside of having a mature wild garden: a beautiful profusion of blooms every day. The downside of having a mature wild garden: sometimes it harbors danger. In this instance, a bumper crop of poison ivy.

The infestation was so bad we had to call in the experts. Men in hazmat suits spent an entire day digging out each plant by the root. Which incidentally means we’ve lost about half of the healthy garden. Oh well; needs must.

07.10.15 garden


Something new blooms every day! I don’t know if David planted these, or if the garden is a legacy of the ladies who lived here previously. I don’t even know what most of the plants are. But it is quite a spectacle.

07.08.15 borscht



Borscht in Baltimore

07.07.15 plate