Bee Lavender is an activist, author, entrepreneur, and expat. Her contributions as a social media pioneer caused Time Magazine to call her a “reigning mother superior,” and she was the CEO of a startup acquired by Facebook. She is currently the founder and CEO of a computer security company.

Bee is the critically-acclaimed author of Lessons in Taxidermy  and editor of the anthologies Breeder  and Mamaphonic. She has written for The Guardian, Salon, Catapult, Bust, Bitch, and appeared on many NPR and BBC Radio programs.  Her writing regularly appears in anthologies in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Her work in technology and publishing has been reviewed and featured in a wide array of outlets like Wired, Fast Company, USA Today, The Telegraph, The TimesTime Out, The New Yorker, and Utne Reader.

Bee Lavender was born and raised on a peninsula west of Seattle. She currently lives in London and NYC.

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In which I take a short break from a book tour to play Find a Junkie at Disneyland
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I always say kidnap, but Mary might have had custody; it isn’t clear.
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Ashes to Ashes

Mary died in the public housing projects where I was born. Her chosen method was a speedball. She was forty-eight years old.
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