Month: April 2016

04.25.16 market

Pike Place Market

04.25.16 administration

King County Administration Building. Once considered the ugliest thing on the west coast – but I find it quite beautiful. Also historic and interesting, in the context of the mad modern reckless rebuilding of the city.

04.25.16 scared

This building scared the bejeebers out of me when I was small.

04.25.16 store

Uwajimaya, Seattle

04.25.16 station

Union Station, Seattle WA

04.25.16 instigator

Visiting the always fabulous Mark Mitchell in the old INS detention center (now converted to art studios).

04.25.16 shelton

Favorite restaurant when we lived in Shelton. Amazed and thankful it is still open! I think we moved away in… 1995?

04.25.16 facebook

04.24.16 house

19th Street House, Portland OR

04.24.16 beauty