Month: December 2017

12.11.17 plath

Sylvia Plath ephemera including Girl Scout uniform, paper dolls, childhood ponytail, Fulbright recommendation, selection of final letters. Smithsonian.

This show was heartbreaking in many ways, not least because it provided visceral illustration of an obvious truth: she was young when she died.

12.09.17 death

Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death by Frances Glessner Lee / Renwick Gallery DC

12.03.17 quilt

Quilt made from 432 Whig ribbons commemorating Harrison campaign, inauguration, and death. By Abigail Ann Lane, c. 1841 / Smithsonian

12.02.17 society

The Society of the Cincinnati, Washington DC.


12.02.17 pews


12.01.17 house

The Doll’s House (Faith Bradford, 1951 / Smithsonian)