Month: September 2016

09.23.16 park

Gas Works Park


09.22.16 meat

09.22.16 dome


09.22.16 hill

I was walking across Capitol Hill thinking about all of changes to the city and feeling almost seasick with sorrow when the phone rang. It was Jeffrey, and he said “I see you.”

Looking up, I realized he was waving from the window of an apartment building. He came down and we stood on the sidewalk talking for awhile, about his little son, and his job, and mutual friends.

I explained I was still sorting out legal matters related to my mother’s death, and apologized for not getting in touch. He said he understood, and that I could count on him to help, if I needed anything.

We probably only talked for five minutes but his expression of genuine concern reminded me that although my mother is gone, there are scores of people in the area I care about, and who care for me. My grief over the loss of a parent and my concerns about rampant urban development are legitimate. But the issues should not be allowed to mingle, and neither is a reason to avoid my friends.

It also struck me that although the skyline is different, the Puget Sound remains the same. People come and go but the water doesn’t care.

This is where I’m from, and that will never change.


09.21.16 juxtaposition

Need I say I do not like the juxtaposition?

It is in fact hard to go home again. Especially when the skyline is totally different.


09.21.16 coffee

Bauhaus is gone, which is quite a jolt.

I found Ian transplanted to the 801 building, but! I don’t like all of these reckless changes to the hill!


09.20.16 stop

I would lament my lost youth, but realistically I was a dull and virtuous child.

The Bus Stop played a major part in my life for only a handful of weeks, in my decadent mid-thirties.  I had never before spent any amount of time in bars, nor have I since. But this place was special, a true haven for all the freaks who wandered in. I met some of my dearest friends at this bar, and watched all manner of mayhem ripple through the group on those wild nights.

It is hard to describe exactly why the establishment was important. It just was. The fact that the original was torn down to make way for nothing much at all is nonsensical.

RIP, Bus Stop. You gave more than you got.



09.20.16 flight



09.09.16 piano

My house



09.05.16 attention