Month: May 2015

05.19.15 sunrise


Sunrise at JFK

05.18.15 flush


Of the many things to love about Sea-Tac Airport, this is my favorite: manual flush toilets.

05.18.15 out


They’re just decorative now apparently.

05.18.15 cherries


I was in the Northwest for the first cherries of the season! Oh, how I adore fresh Northwest cherries… I would (and did, and do) pay a small fortune for these babies when I am in Europe.

05.18.15 deli


My favorite restaurant in Seattle (and in the top ten for whole world): Saigon Deli on Jackson (International District).

05.18.15 museum


Giant Shoe Museum, Pike Place Market Seattle

05.18.15 tulips


05.17.15 ferry

IMG_0448-2Southworth Ferry.

05.17.15 youth


This encompasses the full range of leisure activities available in my youth. Except we weren’t supposed to use the beach.

05.16.15 packed


We moved all of our shit out of various Portland houses and drove to my hometown, then hired movers to take the rest from my mother’s house and storage unit.

My entire life from birth to age 33, family photographs, furniture, china, wedding rings, all the goods accumulated by dead ancestors and given to me whether I wanted it or not: now packed and ready to ship to Brooklyn.